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  • Bella Cooper

    Bella Cooper

    Steamy books and more đź’‹ Bat shit crazy and inappropriate! http://www.bellacooperbooks.com/

  • courtneyhohne


    Storyteller for Moonshots at X (fmr Google X). Self-driving cars, Internet balloons, and other sci-fi-sounding adventures in entrepreneurship.

  • Alexis Lloyd

    Alexis Lloyd

    Ethical design and weird machines. VP Product Design at Medium & co-founder Ethical Futures Lab. Previously @automattic , @axios , @nytimes R&D. She/her.

  • Ario Jafarzadeh

    Ario Jafarzadeh

    Head of Design at Roblox

  • Mena A.

    Mena A.

    Research Monkey + Breadvocate [previously writing on www.menabus.com]

  • Cheryl Platz

    Cheryl Platz

    Designer, actress, teacher, runner, speaker, world traveler, writer, gamer… a twenty-sided woman. Founder of design education company Ideaplatz, LLC.

  • Jamie Myrold

    Jamie Myrold

    Vice President of Adobe Design

  • Dave Malouf

    Dave Malouf

    Dave Malouf is a design leader who helps teams provide the greatest value to their customers and host organizations.

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