Lessons from a Job Search

I applied for a Design Director job where they asked me what programming languages I could code in. I said in the (unskippable) form field: You don’t want me doing any production code. I never heard from them.

Email: “We have decided to consider other applicants who are more closely aligned with the basic qualifications required for this role.” Basic qualifications? That’s cold. (Needless to say, my qualifications far exceeded what was in the job listing.)

I was told by a startup in the middle of the second interview that they’d want me in the office three days a week. Reminder: this was during Covid.

Me: Do you have any reservations about hiring me for this role?
Them: No! You seem like a great fit.
[One week later]
Them: After much consideration…

Job Listing: 4+ years of managerial experience
My Experience: 10 years as a manager
Recruiter: “We ultimately decided to go with others who had more extensive managerial experience.”



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